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Widespread popularity

Butter has a great significance in many cultures – it is a pillar of French cuisine, and ghee, a form of clarified butter, is a symbol of purity in India as well as a staple food.



Ontario’s wide world of cheese

You’ll find examples of many of the world’s most famous cheese styles right here in Ontario, from cheddar and brie to gouda and halloumi.

Ice cream


What’s your favourite?

It’s no surprise that vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are Canada’s favourite ice cream flavours – butterscotch, caramel, coffee, mint chocolate chip and maple walnut round out the list.



Enough to make your head swim

Ontario dairy farms produce 2.5 billion litres of milk every year. That’s enough to fill 1,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.



Humble beginnings

Yogurt's history likely stretches back about 7,000 years. It's thought that it was discovered accidentally, when milk was fermented by bacteria in an animal skin used to carry it.



It’s all about the butterfat

Butterfat content determines what kind of cream is in the carton, from light cream (6%) to whipping cream (33%–35%). Sour cream is fermented with lactic acid bacteria for that refreshing, tangy tartness.

Have some milk with your day

However and whenever you choose to enjoy it, dairy can be a delicious, nutritious addition to your day.

First things first

There are few breakfast meals simpler to fix than cereal and milk. Start your day off right with 15 essential nutrients in every serving – and that's not even counting the cereal!

Workout partner

Studies have shown that 1% chocolate milk outperforms comparable soy and carbohydrate recovery beverages at improving muscle recover when consumed after exercise.

Cool, creamy and nutritious

Because it's made with fresh, wholesome milk, ice cream contains many of the same essential nutrients – like calcium and vitamin A – in every delicious spoonful.


Committed to quality

Our dairy farmers' commitment to quality means daily attention to every detail of milk production, from the care of our animals to the cleanliness of our equipment.

Learn about quality control

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