We collect smart health data from when they're calves to full grown cows, partnering with veterinarians to keep them in their best health.

Dairy cow facts

How much do you know about cows? Here are a few little-known facts about cow health and habits.

Cows are super tasters

Cows have two to three times more taste buds than the average human, so they literally have excellent taste – and can be quite fussy about their food.

Light sleepers

A dairy cow typically spends 11 hours a day resting or lying, but they only need about four hours of sleep per day.

Long tails by law

The practice of docking cows' tails, once thought to improve hygiene, has been banned on Canadian dairy farms since 2017.

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Environmental sustainability

Protecting the environment can help reduce waste and costs while keeping farmland viable for future generations.

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Farming technology

Advances in technology have helped make cows more comfortable, healthy and productive.

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Regulatory procedures

Dairy farmers work with government organizations and industry partners to help maintain Ontario’s high milk standards.

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